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  Blue: submitted but not checked   GCS as predictor of outcome for subarachnoid haemorrhage
  BET Title Available 219 Months   Patients may be sent home after a first epileptic fit
  BET Title Available 265 Months   Analgesia in Head Injury
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Hyperbaric Oxygen or Pressurized Air for Children with Cerebral Palsy: No Difference
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Does intranasal or oral sumatriptan effectively relieve migraine headaches in adolescents?
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Admission for warfarinised patients post minor head injury?
  BET Title Available 262 Months   Early feeding versus conservative treatment in the elderly stroke patient
  Green: complete   Oxygen therapy in acute strokes
  BET Title Available 254 Months   Sedation of seizures in the pre-hospital setting, impact on CNS assessment
  BET Title Available 194 Months   is routine prophylaxis indicated in pts with severe head injury to prevent post injury epilepsy
  BET Title Available 239 Months   In patients with status epilepticus is IV phenytoin a safe second line agent
  Green: complete   Does intravenous mannitol improve outcome in cerebral malaria?
  Green: complete   Chlorpromazine in Migraine
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Long Term Disability After Minor Head Injury
  Blue: submitted but not checked   The use of steroids in adults with bacterial meningitis
  BET Title Available 253 Months   Intracranial Pressure Monitoring In Head injury patients in ICU
  Green: complete   S-100b protein levels as a predictor for long-term disability after head injury
  Green: complete   Do antipyretics prevent febrile convulsions?
  BET Title Available 200 Months   Lumbar Puncture in Febrile Child with Focal Seizure
  BET Title Available 225 Months   Diagnostic utility of CT scan in patients presenting with a first fit
  BET Title Available 251 Months   Role of prolactin in differentiating between fits and pseudofits
  Green: complete   Buccal midazolam as an alternative to rectal diazepam for prolonged seizures in childhood and adolescence
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Does oral diazepam prevent febrile convulsions in children?
  Green: complete   Does early administration of dexamethasone improve neurological outcome in children with meningococcal meningitis?
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Is lignocaine effective in the treatment of convulsive status epilepticus in children?
  Green: complete   Aspirin and the risk of intracranial complications following head injury
  Green: complete   Timing of lumbar puncture in suspected sub arachnoid haemorrhage
  BET Title Available 224 Months   CT brain scan and transient ischaemic attack
  Yellow: electronic pre-print   Phenytoin in Alcohol Related Seizures
  Green: complete   Use of aspirin in acute stroke
  Green: complete   Use of thrombolysis in acute ischaemic stroke
  BET Title Available 246 Months   Serum Prolactin and Epilepsy
  Green: complete   Is routine EEG helpful in the management of complex febrile seizures?
  Green: complete   Antifibrinolytics for the initial management of sub arachnoid haemorrhage.
  Green: complete   Can epiaortic ultrasound reduce the incidence of intraoperative stroke during cardiac surgery?
  BET Title Available 241 Months   Safety of thrombolysis for acute myocardial infarction in patients with a previous stroke
  Green: complete There are 1 critical appraisals linked to this BET Reinsertion of the stylet prior to needle removal in diagnostic lumbar puncture
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Prochlorperazine is better than sumatariptan in the treatment of acute migraine headache
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Neonatal cranial ultrasound as a predictor of longterm neurodevelopmental outcome in a preterm or low birth weight infants
  Green: complete   CT Angiography for detection of Subarachnoid Haemorrhage
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Dexamethasone to prevent recurrence of benign headache
  Blue: submitted but not checked   UTIs as a cause of febrile convulsions
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Meningitis as a cause of febrile convulsions
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Do all children presenting with their first febrile convulsion need hospital admission?
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Are prolonged febrile convulsions associated with recurrent febrile convulsions?
  BET Title Available 227 Months   In warfarinised patients with significant head injury, does immediate warfarin reversal do more harm than good
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Is routine serum biochemistry helpful in the management of a child with unprovoked seizure?
  Green: complete   Should steroids be used in children with meningococcal shock?
  Green: complete   Do cuffed endotracheal tubes increase the risk of airway mucosal injury and post-extubation stridor in children?
  Green: complete   Are meningeal irritation signs reliable in diagnosing meningitis in children?
  Green: complete   Does caffeine treatment for apnoea of prematurity improve neurodevelopmental outcome in later life?
  Green: complete   Does Melatonin improve sleep pattern in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?
  Green: complete   Should Fragile X be tested for in boys with a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder?
  Green: complete   Chlordiazepoxide, the management of alcohol withdrawal and the kindling effect
  Green: complete   Normal CSF: Does it exclude meningitis?
  Green: complete   Efficacy of vagal nerve stimulation in children with medically intractable epilepsy
  Green: complete   GlideScope in the Emergency Department
  Green: complete   Observation is recommended even following a normal CT brain in warfarinised head injuries
  Green: complete   Petechia in the well child
  Green: complete   Hypertonic sodium solutions vs mannitol in reducing ICP in traumatic brain injury
  Green: complete   Elevation of serum magnesium may improve clinical outcome after aneursymal subarachnoid haemorrhage
  Green: complete   Should a child with ADHD and epilepsy be given Ritalin?
  Green: complete   Should carbamazepine be administered to manage agitation and aggressive behaviour following paediatric acquired brain injury?
  Green: complete   Should phenytoin and carbamazepine be avoided in Asian populations with the HLA-B*1502 positive genetic variant?
  Green: complete   Is cerebral function monitoring as accurate as conventional EEG in the detection of neonatal seizures?
  Green: complete   Is ketamine a viable induction agent for the trauma patient with potential brain injury.
  Green: complete   How common is co-existing meningitis in infants with urinary tract infection?
  Green: complete   What is the impact of computer games on sleep in children?
  Green: complete   Chloral hydrate or midazolam: which is better for sedating children for painless diagnostic imaging?