Future Teaching

BETting on Clinical Evidence

A course designed to enable you to find, mind and bind the evidence that will change your practice


The following dates for 2012 are now available.

  • 12-13th April
  • 25-26th October


Courses are held locally at the Advanced Life Support Group offices in Swinton. Lunch, tea/coffee are provided. http://www.alsg.org/uk


The 2 day course consists of lectures, online demonstrations and workshops in which participants are encouraged to contribute to through recalling their own experiences of EBM, problems encountered and simple exercises. Small group workshops are also used to guide participants through the critical appraisal process. Day one introduces participants to the principles of EBM and how to search for the evidence. Day two concentrates on the critical appraisal process and how to synthesize all the evidence to make sense of it.


To introduce participants to the principles, practice and dissemination of EBM


  • Learn how to ask answerable questions
  • Learn how to find the evidence
  • Learn how to critically appraise the evidence
  • Put it all together into a BET

Day One

  • 09:15 Registration and coffee
  • 09:30 Introduction to Best Evidence/BestBETs
  • 10:45 Tea/Coffee
  • 11:00 Introduction to search skills and the Web
  • 12:45 Lunch
  • 13:30 Introduction to Critical Appraisal & Surveys
  • 15:15 Tea/Coffee
  • 15:30 Databases: Finding the right evidence - Specificity/Finding all the evidence - Sensitivity
  • #
  • 17:00 Summary/Finish

Day Two

  • 09:00 Registration and coffee
  • 09:15 Methodological search filters
  • 09:45 Practical stations and CA Reviews
  • 11:15 Tea/Coffee
  • 11:30 CA Trials
  • 12:15 Lunch
  • 13:00 CA Diagnostic Studies & Qualitative Studies
  • 15:15 Tea/Coffee
  • 15:30 Making your BETs
  • 16:45 Summary
  • 17:00 Finish

Course Outline

Introduction to Best Evidence

Introduces participants to the principles of EBM and the birth of BestBETs. Focuses on the format and development of a 3-part question. Participants are taken step-by-step through the process of developing a 3-part question based on their own clinical experiences.

Introduction to search skills and the Web

Discusses the search tools available on the Internet and how to use them effectively. Aims to establish a core list of good quality EBM searching sites on the WWW and to provide participants with basic search and evaluation skills.

Introduction to Critical Appraisal & Surveys

Participants are introduced to the critical appraisal process, through an understanding of the need to critical appraise, examining the types of papers available and an introduction to the standard critical appraisal questions through checklists and explanation of specific terms. A senior clinician guides participants through the standard questions asked and specific questions relating to a survey paper.


Finding all the evidence/Sensitivity

First online demonstration of the Medline database takes participants through the features available on Medline focusing on how to harvest a search to ensure all the evidence available is captured.

Finding the right evidence/Specificity

The second online demonstration looks at limiting a search to find exactly what you need.

Methodological Filters

Methodological search filters are introduced as an aid to searching.

Practical Stations

Hands-on computer sessions allow participants to gain valuable experience of searching Medline for the evidence. (NB. If you have access to Medline, please bring your username and password if you wish to save any of the searches undertaken during this session. For those without access, training passwords will be issued on the day).

CA Trials & Reviews

CA Diagnostic Studies & Qualitative Studies

Participants are given the opportunity to practice the critical appraisal skills acquired in 4 workshop sessions each led by a senior clinician.

Making your BETs

Whatís the point of critical appraisal and EBM if you donít share it? The final session aims to bring together all aspects of the course in the formulation of a Best Evidence Topic (BET) report


The course is an introduction to EBM principles and practice hence prior knowledge/experience of EBM is not a requirement. The course is open to all health disciplines.


Senior members of the MRI Emergency Department with extensive experience of EBM introduce participants to the practice and principles of EBM and critical appraisal. A senior informaticist teaches information retrieval skills.

Course Materials

One week prior to the course participants receive a pack of course materials including three papers (Survey, Trial, Review) that will be critically appraised on the course. Participants are expected to familiarise themselves with the materials before arriving for the course and are also asked to think back to a particular clinical situation that raised questions for them and their practice. Participants also receive an introduction pack on the first day of the course containing the critical appraisal checklists, clinical information resources on the www and evaluation forms.


£415 per person (does not include accomodation)

For further details please contact the BestBETs admin team on +44(0)161 276 5798 or email admin@bestbets.org. To book a place on the course please complete the online booking at Advanced Life Support Group website.