Database Introduction

The BETs were first published in the Journal of Accident and Emergency Medicine, over a period of several editions.

It soon became apparent that there was widespread interest in participating in writing new topics, but that others had no way of knowing what topics were already "in progress". Suggestions were also made that, as the list of completed Topics grew, BETs would become a increasingly useful "shop-floor" resource for busy Emergency Physicians. It was not hard to realise that BETs should be made available online, via a searchable database.

The online database here allows visitors to browse or search topics, and then print, email or comment on them. We are keen to encourage people so submit their own BETs, so have included an easy submission form, to register your intent to write a BET. We will add your Topic to the list, to avoid duplication by others.

The database is growing constantly, so we recommend visiting often.