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  Green: complete   Abdominal ultrasound in the diagnosis of childhood appendicitis
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Can we use bedside Ultrasound to differentiate between COPD and Pulmonary edema?
  Green: complete   Ultrasound scanning in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis in pregnancy
  BET Title Available 237 Months   Ultrasonography or diagnostic Peritoneal lavage in abdominal trauma
  Green: complete   SimpliRed and diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis
  Green: complete   Ultrasound in the diagnosis of testicular torsion
  Green: complete   Does ultrasound-guided central line insertion reduce complications and time to placement in elective patients undergoing cardiac surgery
  Green: complete   Ultrasound or computed tomography in paediatric blunt abdominal trauma
  Green: complete   Ultrasound does not rule out injury in paediatric blunt abdominal trauma
  Blue: submitted but not checked   ED Bedside Ultrasound guided volume assessment with IVC diameter
  BET Title Available 218 Months   KUB and US vs Spiral CT in first 24 HRS of Renal Colic, which is more cost effective
  BET Title Available 193 Months   What is the most reliable method to diagnose pyelonephritis in children?
  BET Title Available 142 Months   Accuracy of a chest x-ray in diagnosing dissecting thoracic aneurysm.
  BET Title Available 252 Months   Differences in abdominal US between emergency physicians and radiologists at detecting hemoperitoneum?
  BET Title Available 196 Months   Use of imaging techniques in asymptomatic cocaine body packers
  Blue: submitted but not checked   The role of compression in ankle sprain injuries in children
  Blue: submitted but not checked   High spatial resolution Sonography in diagnosis of suspected fracture of Scaphoid
  Green: complete   Can epiaortic ultrasound reduce the incidence of intraoperative stroke during cardiac surgery?
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Neonatal cranial ultrasound as a predictor of longterm neurodevelopmental outcome in a preterm or low birth weight infants
  BET Title Available 143 Months   Can urinary myoglobin assay be used to assess the risk of developing acute renal failure in patients with rhabdomylosis
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Transabdominal or Transvaginal Ultrasound?
  Blue: submitted but not checked   CT vs USS in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis
  Blue: submitted but not checked There are 2 critical appraisals linked to this BET Ultrasound VS IVP in detecting renal stones
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Ultrasound versus computed tomography as the primary screening method in the evaluation of blunt abdominal trauma in the stable adult patient
  Green: complete   Can the nature and extent of orbital trauma be optimally assessed with Ultrasound Imaging in the Emergency Department?
  Green: complete   The use of ultrasound for diagnosing paediatric wrist fractures
  Green: complete   Using ultrasound to detect peritoneal fluid in a pregnant patient with abdominal trauma
  Green: complete   Is ultrasound or chest x-ray best for the diagnosis of pneumothorax in the emergency department?
  Green: complete   Emergency Physician bedside ultrasound for the diagnosis of cholelithiasis
  Green: complete   Can ultrasound diagnose scaphoid fractures?
  Green: complete   Bedside echocardiography for prognosis of emergency department cardiac arrest?
  Green: complete   Central line insertion in deranged clotting
  Green: complete   Is Doppler ultrasound superior to upper gastrointestinal contrast study for the diagnosis of malrotation?
  Green: complete   The effectiveness of therapeutic ultrasound in the treatment of acute sciatica.

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critical appraisals
Off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting provides complete revascularization with reduced myocardial injury,transfusion requirements, and length of stay: a single blind RCT
Randomised control trial
Kirkpatrick AW
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Hand-held Thoracic Sonography for Detecting Post-Traumatic Pneumothoraces: the Extended Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (EFAST)
levitan RM
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Limitations of difficult airway prediction in patients intubated in the emergency department.
Baker R.C, Tiller T., Bausher J. et al
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Severity of Disease correlated with fever reduction in febrile infants