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  Green: complete   Investigating microscopic haematuria in blunt abdominal trauma
  Green: complete   The gag reflex is a poor discriminator for the need for intubation
  Green: complete There are 1 critical appraisals linked to this BET Diagnostic needle aspiration in olecranon bursitis may be indicated to define the underlying cause.
  Green: complete   Cervical spine radiography in alert asymptomatic blunt trauma patients
  Green: complete   White cell count and diagnosing appendicitis in children
  BET Title Available 239 Months   Ultrasonography or diagnostic Peritoneal lavage in abdominal trauma
  Green: complete   Serial x-rays in battery ingestion
  BET Title Available 181 Months   Anterior abdominal stab wounds: Choice of investigation in the stable patient
  Green: complete   Tangential views or computed tomography in suspected depressed skull fracture
  BET Title Available 145 Months   Syncope and a normal ECG - the likelihood of a cardiac arrythmia
  Green: complete   Intranasal naloxone in suspected opioid overdose
  Green: complete   Combining clinical probability and ventilation-perfusion scan for diagnosis of pulmonary embolism
  Green: complete   Timing of antibiotic administration in community-acquired pneumonia
  Green: complete   Headache in paediatric head injury
  Green: complete   Detection of pneumoperitoneum on an erect chest X-ray
  Green: complete   Ultrasound does not rule out injury in paediatric blunt abdominal trauma
  Green: complete   Diagnostic utility of ECG for diagnosing pulmonary embolism
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Interference of medical monitoring equipment by mobile phones
  Green: complete   Role of plain abdominal radiograph in the diagnosis of intussusception
  BET Title Available 220 Months   KUB and US vs Spiral CT in first 24 HRS of Renal Colic, which is more cost effective
  BET Title Available 195 Months   What is the most reliable method to diagnose pyelonephritis in children?
  Green: complete   Conservative mangement of asymptomatic cocaine body packers
  Green: complete   Outpatient investigation of pulmonary embolism
  Red: incomplete   Urine dipstick as rule out of urinary caculi
  Green: complete   Abdominal radiography in 'Body Packers'.
  BET Title Available 259 Months   CXR or CT in Blunt chest trauma?
  Green: complete   Are follow up chest X-rays helpful in the management of children recovering from pneumonia?
  Green: complete   Need for cervical spine imaging for alert children after trauma
  Green: complete   Detection of Acute Aortic Dissection with D-Dimer
  Green: complete   What is the use of the glass test?
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Normal Temerature in the elderly
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Plain radiography is not indicated as 1st choice imaging modality in children with non-traumatic back pain
  Blue: submitted but not checked   The clinical utility of soluble CD40 ligand as a cardiac marker in the Emergency Department
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Whole blood choline as a cardiac marker for use in the Emergency Department
  Blue: submitted but not checked   N-terminal-pro-BNP may have more potential than BNP as a marker of acute coronary syndromes
  Green: complete   Are meningeal irritation signs reliable in diagnosing meningitis in children?
  Green: complete   Digital rectal exams in children who present with constipation
  Green: complete   How useful are bowel sounds?
  Green: complete   RIFLE criteria versus Acute Kidney Injury Network (AKIN) criteria for prognosis of acute renal failure
  Green: complete   Does the ‘Seatbelt Sign’ predict intra-abdominal injury after motor vehicle trauma in children?