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  Green: complete   Partial plasma exchange transfusion in polycythaemic neonates
  BET Title Available 175 Months   Role of combined cardiac enzyme assay in chest pain or suspected myocardial infarction with non-diagnostic ECG
  Green: complete   CT pulmonary angiogram compared with ventilation-perfusion scan for the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism in patients with cardiorespiratory disease
  Green: complete   IL D-dimer test in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism
  Green: complete   Does the use of topical transexamic acid in cardiac surgery reduce the incidence of post-operative mediastinal bleeding?
  Green: complete   Detection of Acute Aortic Dissection with D-Dimer
  Green: complete   Safety of inferior vena cava filters as primary treatment for proximal deep vein thrombosis
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Festive BET Acupuncture in Christmas Disease.
  Green: complete   Low molecular weight heparin for IV drug users with DVT
  Green: complete   What is the optimal anticoagulation management of patients post cardiac surgery who go into atrial fibrillation?
  Green: complete   Aspirin in the treatment of acute pulmonary embolism
  Green: complete   Inflatable nasal tampons are less painful than dry hydrophilic nasal tampons
  BET Title Available 221 Months   In warfarinised patients with significant head injury, does immediate warfarin reversal do more harm than good
  Green: complete   Can the use of thromboelastography predict and decrease bleeding and blood and blood product requirements in adult patients undergoing cardiac surgery?
  Green: complete   Should critically ill patients be routinely transfused to a normal haemoglobin level?
  Green: complete   Should venous sample be used instead of capillary sample for estimation of blood glucose in patients with shock
  Green: complete   C reactive protein in the differential diagnosis of heart failure and chest infection
  Green: complete   Is there a role for serum procalcitonin in the differentiation between septic and non-septic arthritis?
  Green: complete   Serum lactate as a marker for mortality in patients presenting to the emergency department with trauma
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Is there a need to check salicylate levels in overdose patients who deny having ingested salicylates?
  Green: complete   Is the WCC of the joint aspirate sufficiently sensitive/specific to rule in/out septic arthritis?
  Green: complete   Use of the Trendelenburg Position to Improve Hemodynamics During Hypovolemic Shock
  Green: complete   Heart fatty acid binding protein for rapid diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction in the Emergency Department
  Green: complete   Use of bedside echocardiography for the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism in the Emergency Department
  Green: complete   Blood component therapy in trauma patients requiring massive transfusion
  Green: complete   Role of antibiotic line locks in the treatment of infected central venous access devices in children
  Green: complete   What's the Best Vasopressor in Septic Shock?
  Green: complete   Rhabdomyolysis and the use of sodium bicarbonate and/or mannitol
  Green: complete   Is intravenous immunoglobulin superior to exchange transfusion in the management of hyperbilirubinaemia in term neonates?
  Green: complete   Are troponin levels indicated for the routine management of SVT?
  Green: complete   Adding clopidogrel to standard therapy for acute myocardial infarction.
  Green: complete   Therapeutic hypothermia for paediatric traumatic brain injury within 8 hr
  Green: complete   Observation is recommended even following a normal CT brain in warfarinised head injuries
  Green: complete   Do Portacaths or Hickman lines have a higher risk of catheter-related bloodstream infections in children with leukaemia?
  Green: complete   Elevation of serum magnesium may improve clinical outcome after aneursymal subarachnoid haemorrhage
  Green: complete   Is capillary refill time a useful marker of haemodynamic status in neonates?
  Green: complete   We do not need to routinely test coagulation in adult patients with epistaxis
  Green: complete   Central line insertion in deranged clotting
  Green: complete   Evidence exists to guide thromboembolic prophylaxis in ambulatory patients with temporary lower limb immobilisation
  Green: complete   What is the incidence of biotin deficiency in preschool children with global developmental delay?
  Green: complete   Is measurement of the lymphocyte count useful in the investigation of suspected pertussis in infants?