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  Green: complete   Children with a history of coin ingestion should have oesophageal impaction ruled out radiologically
  Green: complete   Lateral neck x-rays are not indicated in the emergency department management of suspected fish bone impaction.
  Green: complete   Pelvic radiography is not always indicated in severe blunt trauma if the patient has no pelvic symptoms and is GCS 15
  BET Title Available 181 Months   Prophylactic gastroprotection in all adult orthopaedic trauma patients receiving low molecular weight heparin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesia?
  Green: complete   Radiological diagnosis of mandibular fracture
  Green: complete   Are routine chest x-rays helpful in the management of febrile neutropenia?
  Green: complete   Role of plain abdominal radiograph in the diagnosis of intussusception
  Green: complete   Swimmers view or supine oblique views to visualise the cervicothoracic junction
  Green: complete   Abdominal radiography in 'Body Packers'.
  BET Title Available 254 Months   CXR or CT in Blunt chest trauma?
  Green: complete   Which facial views for facial trauma?
  BET Title Available 254 Months   Chest X Ray, rib fracture and exclusion pneumothorax
  Green: complete   Are follow up chest X-rays helpful in the management of children recovering from pneumonia?
  Green: complete   Need for cervical spine imaging for alert children after trauma
  Green: complete   Cervical spine imaging in children under 9 after trauma
  Green: complete   The sensitivity of a normal chest radiograph in ruling out aortic dissection
  Green: complete   Diagnostic utility of chest xray for investigation of pulmonary embolism
  BET Title Available 193 Months   Use of imaging techniques in asymptomatic cocaine body packers
  Blue: submitted but not checked   High spatial resolution Sonography in diagnosis of suspected fracture of Scaphoid
  Green: complete   Role of flexion/extension radiography in paediatric neck injuries
  Green: complete   Role of flexion/extension radiography in neck injuries in adults
  Green: complete   Elbow extension as a 'rule-out' tool for significant injury in adults
  Green: complete   Elbow extension as a 'rule-out' tool for significant injury in children
  Green: complete   In children presenting to the Emergency Department what is the specificity of rib fractures for non-accidental injury?
  Red: incomplete   Major complications with low molecular weight and unfractionated heparin in patients investigated for thromboembolism.
  Green: complete   The use of ultrasound for diagnosing paediatric wrist fractures
  Green: complete   Is ultrasound or chest x-ray best for the diagnosis of pneumothorax in the emergency department?
  Green: complete   Predicting the need for knee radiography in the emergency department: Ottawa or Pittsburgh rule?
  Green: complete   Are Skeletal Surveys Useful in the Evaluation for Physical Abuse in Children