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Abdominal wall
  BET Title Available 244 Months   Ultrasonography or diagnostic Peritoneal lavage in abdominal trauma
  BET Title Available 186 Months   Anterior abdominal stab wounds: Choice of investigation in the stable patient
  Red: incomplete   Accuracy of clincal examination in detecting/excluding serious abdominal pathology
  Green: complete   Is silver nitrate the best agent for management of umbilical granulomas?
  Green: complete   Is perianal dermatitis a sign of sexual abuse?
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Does a normal CRP exclude serious pathology in the patient with acute abdominal pain
  BET Title Available 259 Months   Differences in abdominal US between emergency physicians and radiologists at detecting hemoperitoneum?
  BET Title Available 247 Months   Use of anticolic agents in infants less than 4 months
  BET Title Available 145 Months   Routine AXR in patients with abdo pain?
  Green: complete   Do well infants born with an isolated single umbilical artery need investigation?
  BET Title Available 231 Months   Oral steroids in management of asthma in acute peptic ulcer patient
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Ultrasound versus computed tomography as the primary screening method in the evaluation of blunt abdominal trauma in the stable adult patient
  Green: complete   Should venous sample be used instead of capillary sample for estimation of blood glucose in patients with shock
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Is cyclizine is better than metoclopramide in patients with moderate to severe abdomen pain
  Green: complete   Caesarean sections reduce the maternal-fetal transmission rate of human papillomavirus infection.
  Green: complete   The use of tocolytic therapy in a pregnant trauma patient
  Green: complete   Emergency caesarean section in cardiac arrest before the 3rd trimester.
  Green: complete   Using ultrasound to detect peritoneal fluid in a pregnant patient with abdominal trauma
  Green: complete   Is physical exam and laboratory data sufficient to exclude intrabdominal injury (IAI) in the pediatric trauma patient?
  Green: complete   Does the ‘Seatbelt Sign’ predict intra-abdominal injury after motor vehicle trauma in children?