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Does a normal CRP exclude serious pathology in the patient with acute abdominal pain

Three Part Question

In [patients presenting with acute abdominal pain] does [a normal C-reactive protein] exclude [serious abdominal pathology]

Clinical Scenario

A 20 year old male patient presents with an acute abdomen. You wonder if any laboratory tests could aid your management of this patient. CRP has been proven to show inflammation and you wonder if it is a useful test for this patient.

Search Strategy

MEDLINE (1950 – 2008) and EMBASE
[(exp abdominal pain OR Abdominal OR exp acute abdomen OR acute AND (exp C-reactive protein OR C-reactive OR (exp diagnosis OR] LIMIT to humans and english language

Search Outcome

214 articles, of which 1 was a meta-analysis and 6 other articles which were not included in this meta-analysis were also found to be relevant.

Relevant Paper(s)

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CRP is a helpful test when assessing a patient with acute abdominal pain. It is far more sensitive than specific and seems to be a better indicator of severe disease. Alone it can not be used successfully in making a diagnosis. However, when combined with certain other clinical signs, particularly leukocytosis, it becomes a far more accurate test. This is something that requires more research. CRP is a good diagnostic aid in acute abdominal pain as long as it is used with consideration of these facts.

Clinical Bottom Line

CRP is a helpful diagnostic tool. However, alone it cannot rule out serious abdominal pathology


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