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Blunt trauma
  Green: complete   The prehospital use of pneumatic anti-shock garments
  BET Title Available 244 Months   Ultrasonography or diagnostic Peritoneal lavage in abdominal trauma
  Green: complete   Cervical collars and intracranial pressure
  Green: complete   Chest drains in traumatic occult pneumothorax
  Green: complete   Factor VIIa for intractable blood loss in trauma
  Green: complete   Computer tomography and the exclusion of upper cervical spine injury in trauma patients with altered mental state
  Green: complete   Is the central venous pressure reading equally reliable if the central line is inserted via the femoral vein
  BET Title Available 205 Months   Neurological Outcome with Mechanical CPR
  Green: complete   Does it matter whether a chest drain is aimed upwards or downwards for the optimum drainage of fluid or air from the pleural cavity ?
  Green: complete   Bone Injection Gun Placement of Intraosseous Needles
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Does needle always mean tube after suspected tension pneumothorax?
  Green: complete   Use of end-tidal carbon dioxide indicators in prehospital intubations will reduce the number of incorrectly placed endotracheal tubes
  Green: complete   Serum lactate as a marker for mortality in patients presenting to the emergency department with trauma
  Green: complete   The use of tocolytic therapy in a pregnant trauma patient
  Green: complete   Using ultrasound to detect peritoneal fluid in a pregnant patient with abdominal trauma
  Green: complete   Blood component therapy in trauma patients requiring massive transfusion
  Green: complete   Hypertonic sodium solutions vs mannitol in reducing ICP in traumatic brain injury
  Green: complete   Does the ‘Seatbelt Sign’ predict intra-abdominal injury after motor vehicle trauma in children?