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  BET Title Available 218 Months   Mean arterial pressure in isolated head injury
  BET Title Available 241 Months   Ultrasonography or diagnostic Peritoneal lavage in abdominal trauma
  Green: complete   Seldinger technique chest and complication rate
  Green: complete   Low dose (renal dose) dopamine in the critically ill patient
  Green: complete   Factor VIIa for intractable blood loss in trauma
  Green: complete   To Stab or Slash: the percutaneous dilatation or standard surgical approach to cricothyroidotomy in prehospital care
  Blue: submitted but not checked   The Infective Complications of a Femoral Central Venous Line
  Green: complete   Is the central venous pressure reading equally reliable if the central line is inserted via the femoral vein
  BET Title Available 202 Months   Neurological Outcome with Mechanical CPR
  Green: complete   The sensitivity of a normal chest radiograph in ruling out aortic dissection
  BET Title Available 202 Months   Do asymptomatic premature infants need routine 'top up' transfusions?
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Etomidate for procedural sedation in the emergency department.
  Green: complete   Cardiopulmonary bypass and the survival of patients in cardiac arrest
  BET Title Available 244 Months   Spiral CT in Aortic Dissection
  Green: complete   Is continuous positive airway pressure effective in bronchiolitis?
  Green: complete   Is Antero-posterior position superior to Antero-lateral position for placement of electrodes for external cardioversion of atrial fibrillation post bypass grafting?
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Antimicrobial and antibiotic coated central venous catheters
  Green: complete   Bone Injection Gun Placement of Intraosseous Needles
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Does needle always mean tube after suspected tension pneumothorax?
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Do low dose steroids improve outcome in septic shock?
  Red: incomplete   Anion gap is a screening tool for elevated lactate with risk of sepsis
  Green: complete   Emergency caesarean section in cardiac arrest before the 3rd trimester.

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critical appraisals
Off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting provides complete revascularization with reduced myocardial injury,transfusion requirements, and length of stay: a single blind RCT
Randomised control trial
Kirkpatrick AW
critical appraisals
Hand-held Thoracic Sonography for Detecting Post-Traumatic Pneumothoraces: the Extended Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (EFAST)
levitan RM
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Limitations of difficult airway prediction in patients intubated in the emergency department.
Baker R.C, Tiller T., Bausher J. et al
critical appraisals
Severity of Disease correlated with fever reduction in febrile infants