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  Green: complete   Prehospital endotracheal intubation in adult major trauma patients with head injury
  Green: complete   Cricoid pressure in emergency Rapid Sequence Induction
  Green: complete   Endotracheal adrenaline in intubated patients with asthma
  BET Title Available 171 Months   Intubation of trauma patients without the use of drugs
  Green: complete   Atropine: Re-evaluating its use during pediatric RSI
  Green: complete   Festive BET Weather dependent nasal erythema in rangifer tarandus
  BET Title Available 229 Months   Anaesthetic agent for epiglottis
  Green: complete   Should premedication be used for semi-urgent or elective intubation in neonates?
  BET Title Available 225 Months   To intubate or not to intubate - management of multiple rib fractures
  BET Title Available 225 Months   Does measuring the size of a patient's little finger reflect optimal size of nasopharyngeal airway?
  Green: complete   Do head elevation and neck flexion improve laryngeal view and the likelihood of successful intubation
  Green: complete   Use of end-tidal carbon dioxide indicators in prehospital intubations will reduce the number of incorrectly placed endotracheal tubes
  Green: complete   Does caffeine treatment for apnoea of prematurity improve neurodevelopmental outcome in later life?
  Green: complete   Parent's kiss to remove nasal foreign bodies in children
  Green: complete   Dexamethasone versus prednisolone in asthma
  Green: complete   Laryngeal mask airway versus endotracheal intubation or bag-mask ventilation for cardiac arrest in adults
  Green: complete   Management of Asymptomatic Children with a History of Coin Ingestion (watchful waiting)
  Green: complete   Is rocuronium as effective as succinylcholine at facilitating laryngoscopy during rapid sequence intubation?