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Lower leg
  Green: complete   Operative repair is best for an acutely ruptured achilles tendon
  Green: complete   Steristrips better than sutures for pre-tibial lacerations
  Green: complete   Tibial fractures in very young children and child abuse
  Green: complete   Low molecular weight heparin is the treatment of choice for deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  Green: complete   Outpatient treatment for patients with uncomplicated above knee deep vein thrombosis
  BET Title Available 240 Months   Axillary or elbow crutches in leg injury
  Green: complete   SimpliRed and diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis
  Green: complete   Split skin grafts for pretibial lacerations
  Green: complete   Elastic Compression Stockings and the risk of post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS) in patients with symptomatic proximal vein thrombosis
  Green: complete   Prophylaxis of venous thromboembolism in patients with lower limb plaster cast immobilisation
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Anticoagulation for acute ischaemic limbs
  BET Title Available 235 Months   Should warfarin therapy be commenced alongside low molecular weight heparin on diagnosis of a deep vein thrombosis?
  Red: incomplete   Accuracy of clinical probability and D-dimers in the diagnosis of DVT
  Red: incomplete   Self-administration of low molecular weight heparin in patients with DVT
  Red: incomplete   Outpatient investigation of patients with DVT
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Pre-hospital use of a traction splint for femoral shaft and lower leg fractures in the same limb
  Green: complete   Safety of inferior vena cava filters as primary treatment for proximal deep vein thrombosis
  Green: complete   Antibiotic prophylaxis for pre-tibial haematomas in the elderly
  Green: complete   Low molecular weight heparin for IV drug users with DVT
  BET Title Available 166 Months   Is a D Dimer test of value in pregnant woman with suspected pulmonary embolus
  Green: complete   Does the radial artery provide better long-term patency than the saphenous vein?
  BET Title Available 230 Months   Physiotherapy to treat deep vein thrombosis.
  Green: complete   Is sympathectomy of benefit in critical leg ischaemia not amenable to revascularisation?
  Green: complete   Use of the Trendelenburg Position to Improve Hemodynamics During Hypovolemic Shock
  Green: complete   Positioning of compartment pressure monitors in lower limb fractures
  Green: complete   Which intraosseous device is best in the prehospital setting?