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  Green: complete   IVRA (Biers block) is better than haematoma block for manipulating Colles' fractures
  Green: complete   Nasal diamorphine in children
  Green: complete   Fasting before prilocaine Biers' block
  Green: complete   Prior injection of local anaesthetic and the pain and success of intravenous cannulation
  Green: complete   Do non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs cause a delay in fracture healing?
  Green: complete   Oral (fast dissolving) piroxicam versus IM diclofenac for renal colic
  Orange: submitted and checked   Are routine anti-emetics required with iv morphine?
  BET Title Available 220 Months   Morphine/Entonox combination versus Morphine/Midazolam for shoulder reduction
  Blue: submitted but not checked   No difference between hand and elbow injection sites for Bier's block regional anaesthesia
  Green: complete   Regional Nerve Block in Fractured Neck of Femur
  BET Title Available 240 Months   Limb exsanguination in Biers Block
  BET Title Available 271 Months   Ultrasound scanning and axilliary nerve block
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Change of Injection site during Bier's block anaesthesia for colles' fracture
  Orange: submitted and checked   Bedrest after lumbar puncture
  Green: complete   Metoclopramide versus placebo with opioid
  Green: complete   Ultrasound placement of needle in three-in-one nerve block
  Blue: submitted but not checked   IV Opiates versus femoral block in fractured neck of femur
  Green: complete   Topical Analgesia for Pain Reduction in Arterial Puncture
  Green: complete   Epidural analgesia/anaesthesia versus systemic intravenous opioid analgesia in the management of blunt thoracic trauma.
  Green: complete   No evidence found that a femoral nerve block in cases of femoral shaft fractures can delay the diagnosis of compartment syndrome of the thigh.
  Green: complete   Does the time of fasting affect complication rates during ketamine sedation
  Yellow: electronic pre-print   Is nifedipine indicated in the treatment of ureteric colic?
  Green: complete   Intra-articular lidocaine for closed reduction of ankle fracture-dislocations
  Green: complete   Can pregabalin effectively diminish acute herpetic pain and reduce the incidence of post-herpetic neuralgia in patients who present with acute herpes zoster?