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  Green: complete   Perimortem caesarean section
  Green: complete   Ultrasound scanning in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis in pregnancy
  Green: complete   White cell count and appendicitis in pregnancy
  Red: incomplete   Accuracy of clincal examination in detecting/excluding serious abdominal pathology
  BET Title Available 255 Months   diagnosis of ruptured membranes
  BET Title Available 240 Months   Creatinine kinase as a diagnostic marker in ectopic/tubal pregnancy
  BET Title Available 232 Months   The fixation of epidurals
  BET Title Available 263 Months   Suction at perineum of neonates with meconium stained liquor
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Syntocinon dosage in massive postpartum haemorrhage
  BET Title Available 243 Months   Routine post delivery of oxytocin vs. placebo in uncomplicated childbirth.
  BET Title Available 243 Months   Are anti-histamines for allergy safe to use in pregnancy
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Metoclopramide or Promethazine for vomiting, pregnant women.
  BET Title Available 166 Months   Is a D Dimer test of value in pregnant woman with suspected pulmonary embolus
  Green: complete   Current evidence does not support the use of a negative D-dimer to rule out suspected pulmonary embolism in pregnancy.
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Physical Examination in Ectopic Pregnancy
  Green: complete   Treating Chlamydia in Pregnancy
  Green: complete   Caesarean sections reduce the maternal-fetal transmission rate of human papillomavirus infection.
  Green: complete   The use of tocolytic therapy in a pregnant trauma patient
  Green: complete   Emergency caesarean section in cardiac arrest before the 3rd trimester.
  Green: complete   Using ultrasound to detect peritoneal fluid in a pregnant patient with abdominal trauma
  Green: complete   Is Magnetic Resonance Imaging useful for suspected appendicitis in pregnant patients
  Green: complete   Steroid therapy in the treatment of intractable hyperemesis gravidarum