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  Green: complete   Can Cardiac re-transplantation be performed with an acceptable survival after primary graft failure?
  Green: complete   Is transmyocardial revascularisation of benefit to people with 'no option' angina?
  Green: complete   Is transcatheter device occlusion as good as open heart surgery for closure of atrial septal defects?
  Green: complete   Does the use of topical transexamic acid in cardiac surgery reduce the incidence of post-operative mediastinal bleeding?
  Blue: submitted but not checked There are 1 critical appraisals linked to this BET Topical Vancomycin during Cardiac Surgery
  Blue: submitted but not checked   The Infective Complications of a Femoral Central Venous Line
  Green: complete   Is Sotalol more effective than standard beta-blockers for the prophylaxis of atrial fibrillation during cardiac surgery
  Green: complete   Prophylactic Amiodarone in the prevention of Atrial Fibrillation
  Green: complete   What is the optimal dose of aspirin after discharge following coronary bypass surgery
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Is a pleural drain of value after CABG with LIMA in preventing Pleural Effusions when the Pleura is opened?
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Is rate control superior to conversion strategy in AF post cardiac surgery?
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Is amiodarone or digoxin better in AF post cardiac surgery in terms of time to return of sinus rhythm?
  Green: complete   Is prophylactic haemofiltration during cardiopulmonary bypass of benefit during cardiac surgery?
  Green: complete   The sensitivity of a normal chest radiograph in ruling out aortic dissection
  Green: complete   Peripheral pulses to exclude thoracic aortic dissection
  Green: complete   Does aspirin 6 hours after coronary artery bypass grafting optimise graft patency?
  Green: complete   Does magnesium offer any additional benefit in patients having anti-arrhythmic treatment for atrial fibrillation following cardiac surgery?
  Green: complete   In aortic arch surgery is there any benefit in using antegrade cerebral perfusion or retrograde cerebral perfusion as an adjunct to hypothermic circulatory arrest?
  Green: complete   In open heart surgery is there a role for the use of carbon dioxide field flooding techniques to reduce the level of post-operative gaseous emboli?
  BET Title Available 220 Months   1 or 2 chest drains for lobectomy
  Green: complete   Does use of aprotinin in coronary artery bypass graft surgery affect graft patency
  Green: complete   Is the figure-of-eight superior to the simple wire technique for closure of the sternum?
  Green: complete   Is addition of anti-platelet therapy to warfarin beneficial to patients with prosthetic heart valves?
  BET Title Available 217 Months   Can troponin T be used to diagnose acute coronary syndrome during postoperative period following coronary artery bypass surgery
  Green: complete   Is clopidogrel beneficial following coronary bypass surgery
  Green: complete   Does it matter whether a chest drain is aimed upwards or downwards for the optimum drainage of fluid or air from the pleural cavity ?
  Green: complete   Is Antero-posterior position superior to Antero-lateral position for placement of electrodes for external cardioversion of atrial fibrillation post bypass grafting?
  Green: complete   Bi-atrial pacing significantly reduces the Incidence of atrial fibrillation post cardiac surgery
  Green: complete   Can epiaortic ultrasound reduce the incidence of intraoperative stroke during cardiac surgery?
  Green: complete There are 1 critical appraisals linked to this BET In patients undergoing cardiac surgery does asymptomatic significant carotid artery stenosis warrant carotid endarterectomy?
  Green: complete   Is carotid artery stenting equivalent or superior to carotid endarterectomy for treatment of carotid artery stenosis?
  Green: complete   What is the optimal anticoagulation management of patients post cardiac surgery who go into atrial fibrillation?
  Green: complete   Are prophylactic beta-blockers of benefit in reducing the incidence of AF following coronary bypass surgery?
  Green: complete   Does off pump coronary artery surgery reduce the incidence of postoperative atrial fibrillation?
  Green: complete   Does the radial artery provide better long-term patency than the saphenous vein?
  Green: complete   Should the pericardium be closed in patients undergoing cardiac surgery?
  Green: complete There are 1 critical appraisals linked to this BET Does pleurotomy during internal mammary artery harvest increase post-operative pulmonary complications?
  Blue: submitted but not checked   A new CURE? Clopidogrel ahead of coronary angioplasty in acute coronary syndromes
  Green: complete   Might gene therapy offer symptomatic relief for patients with 'no option' angina?
  Green: complete   Can the use of thromboelastography predict and decrease bleeding and blood and blood product requirements in adult patients undergoing cardiac surgery?
  Green: complete   Can ventilation while on cardiopulmonary bypass improve post-operative lung function for patients undergoing cardiac surgery?
  Green: complete   Use of pericardiocentesis for patients with cardiac tamponade in penetrating chest trauma
  Green: complete   Should additional antibiotics or an iodine washout be given to all patients who suffer an emergency re-sternotomy on the cardiothoracic intensive care unit?

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