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  Green: complete   Glue is better than sutures for facial lacerations in children
  Green: complete   Vomiting is not an accurate discriminator for serious head injury in children
  Orange: submitted and checked   Post concussional syndrome and minor head injury
  Green: complete   Antibiotics in base of skull fractures
  BET Title Available 220 Months   Mean arterial pressure in isolated head injury
  Green: complete   Lignocaine premedication before rapid sequence induction in head injuries
  Green: complete   Cervical spine protection in gunshot wounds to the head
  Green: complete   Tangential views or computed tomography in suspected depressed skull fracture
  Green: complete   Gum elastic bougies in difficult intubation
  Green: complete   Headache in paediatric head injury
  Green: complete   Indication for brain CT in children with mild head injury update 2008
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Do crash helmets reduce the severity of head injury in adult pedal cyclists
  Green: complete   Cervical collars and intracranial pressure
  Green: complete   Antibiotics in compound depressed skull fractures
  BET Title Available 219 Months   Controlling bleeding in scalp laceration
  Green: complete   Phenytoin in traumatic brain injury
  Green: complete   Staples may be more effective and quicker than sutures in children with scalp lacerations
  Blue: submitted but not checked   In adults with mild head injury and a GCS 13-15 is vomiting a clinical indicator for the use of CT?
  Green: complete   Difficult intubation, the bougie and the stylet
  BET Title Available 265 Months   Analgesia in Head Injury
  Green: complete   Computer tomography and the exclusion of upper cervical spine injury in trauma patients with altered mental state
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Do anticoagulated patients who sustain a minor head injury require a CT scan to rule out intra-cranial injury?
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Admission for warfarinised patients post minor head injury?
  BET Title Available 194 Months   is routine prophylaxis indicated in pts with severe head injury to prevent post injury epilepsy
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Long Term Disability After Minor Head Injury
  BET Title Available 253 Months   Intracranial Pressure Monitoring In Head injury patients in ICU
  Green: complete   S-100b protein levels as a predictor for long-term disability after head injury
  Green: complete   Aspirin and the risk of intracranial complications following head injury
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Ear Foreign Body Removal
  BET Title Available 227 Months   In warfarinised patients with significant head injury, does immediate warfarin reversal do more harm than good
  Green: complete   Rapid sequence induction in the emergency department by emergency medicine personnel
  Green: complete   Caffeine in the prophylaxis of post lumbar puncture headache.
  Green: complete   Therapeutic hypothermia for paediatric traumatic brain injury within 8 hr
  Green: complete   GlideScope in the Emergency Department
  Green: complete   Observation is recommended even following a normal CT brain in warfarinised head injuries
  Green: complete   Hypertonic sodium solutions vs mannitol in reducing ICP in traumatic brain injury
  Green: complete   Elevation of serum magnesium may improve clinical outcome after aneursymal subarachnoid haemorrhage
  Green: complete   Should carbamazepine be administered to manage agitation and aggressive behaviour following paediatric acquired brain injury?
  Green: complete   Is ketamine a viable induction agent for the trauma patient with potential brain injury.