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  Blue: submitted but not checked   Best method of achieving IO access
  Red: incomplete   Should adrenaline be routinely used by the resuscitation team if a patient suffers a cardiac arrest shortly after cardiac surgery?
  Red: incomplete   Does re-expansion pulmonary oedema exist?
  Red: incomplete   Is it worth performing surgical ventricular restoration in patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy and akinetic but non-aneurysmal segments in the left ventricle?
  Red: incomplete   Does video-assisted thoracoscopic pleurectomy result in better outcomes than open pleurectomy for primary spontaneous pneumothorax?
  Red: incomplete   Do statins slow the progression of aortic valve stenosis?
  Red: incomplete   Is it safe to cover the left subclavian artery when placing an endovascular stent in the descending thoracic aorta?
  Red: incomplete   Is early primary repair for correction of tetralogy of Fallot comparable to surgery after 6 months of age?
  Red: incomplete   Is a port-access mitral valve repair superior to the sternotomy approach in accelerating postoperative recovery?
  BET Title Available 176 Months   If a patient arrests after cardiac surgery is it acceptable to delay cardiopulmonary resuscitation until you have attempted either defibrillation or pacing?
  Red: incomplete   Is unilateral antegrade cerebral perfusion equivalent to bilateral cerebral perfusion for patients undergoing aortic arch surgery?
  Red: incomplete   Is steroid therapy ever of benefit to patients in the intensive care unit going into septic shock
  BET Title Available 176 Months   Is manipulation of mediastinal chest drains useful or harmful after cardiac surgery?
  Red: incomplete   Does the administration of mannitol prevent renal failure in open abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery?
  Red: incomplete   Does cardiac resynchronisation therapy improve survival and quality of life in patients with end-stage heart failure?
  Red: incomplete   Does non-invasive ventilation associated with chest physiotherapy improve outcome after lung resection?
  Red: incomplete   Should amiodarone or lidocaine be given to patients who arrest after cardiac surgery and fail to cardiovert from ventricular fibrillation?
  Red: incomplete   Does surgical correction of coarctation of the aorta in adults reduce established hypertension?
  Red: incomplete   Could we use abdominal compressions rather than chest compression in patients who arrest after cardiac surgery?
  Red: incomplete   Establishing a role for intra-pleural fibrinolysis in managing traumatic haemothoraces
  Red: incomplete   Is aortic valve-sparing operation or replacement with a composite graft the best option for aortic root and ascending aortic aneurysm?
  Red: incomplete   Is intrathecal morphine of benefit to patients undergoing cardiac surgery
  Red: incomplete   Does lobectomy achieve better survival and recurrence rates than limited pulmonary resection for T1N0M0 non-small cell lung cancer patients?
  Red: incomplete   Does surgery for primary non-small cell lung cancer and cerebral metastasis have any impact on survival?
  Red: incomplete   Does video-assisted thoracoscopic decortication in advanced malignant mesothelioma improve prognosis?
  Red: incomplete   Can a mini-bypass circuit improve perfusion in cardiac surgery compared to conventional cardiopulmonary bypass?
  Red: incomplete   Could atrial natriuretic peptide be a useful drug therapy for high-risk patients after cardiac surgery?
  BET Title Available 176 Months   Does biventricular pacing provide a superior cardiac output compared to univentricular pacing wires after cardiac surgery?
  BET Title Available 176 Months   Does preoperative computed tomography reduce the risks associated with re-do cardiac surgery?
  Red: incomplete   Is bicaval orthotopic heart transplantation superior to the biatrial technique?
  Red: incomplete   Is a minimally invasive approach for re-operative mitral valve surgery superior to standard resternotomy?
  Red: incomplete   Is ministernotomy superior to conventional approach for aortic valve replacement?
  Red: incomplete   Does the use of carbon dioxide field flooding during heart valve surgery prevent postoperative cerebrovascular complications?
  Red: incomplete   Does use of intra-operative cerebral regional oxygen saturation monitoring during cardiac surgery lead to improved clinical outcomes?
  Red: incomplete   Endovascular versus open surgical repair for blunt thoracic aortic injury
  Red: incomplete   Is patient-prosthesis mismatch an independent risk factor for early and mid-term overall mortality in adult patients undergoing aortic valve replacement?
  Red: incomplete   Does pulmonary valve replacement post repair of tetralogy of Fallot improve right ventricular function?
  Green: complete   For patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting at higher risk of stroke is the single cross-clamp technique of benefit in reducing the incidence of stroke?
  Green: complete   Urethral catheter or suprapubic aspiration to reduce contamination of urine samples in young children?
  Green: complete   Is intravenous immunoglobulin superior to exchange transfusion in the management of hyperbilirubinaemia in term neonates?
  Green: complete   Do written asthma action plans reduce hospital admissions?
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Do topical local anesthetics improve oral intake in children with painful infectious mouth conditions ?
  BET Title Available 175 Months   Is IV Valproate superior to phenytoin in Status Epilepticus
  Green: complete   Optimal body position in oral poisoning cases
  Green: complete   Potato peel dressings for burn wounds
  Green: complete   Is Electrotherapy useful for tennis elbow?
  BET Title Available 175 Months   Is re-cooling an option in babies with hypoxic ischaemic injury
  Blue: submitted but not checked   Little evidence for current optimal antibiotic therapy in febrile neonates.
  Green: complete   Cylinder plaster versus cricket pad splint in uncomplicated patellar fractures
  Blue: submitted but not checked   In [patients undergoing procedural sedation] does the use of [supplemental oxygen] reduce the [incidence of hypoxaemia without masking respiratory depression]?