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Continuous v/s Intermittent Nebulisers in Acute Asthma

Three Part Question

IN [known asthmatics who present to the ED with and acute attack] IS [continuous nebuliser therapy better than intermittent nebulisers] AT [relieving the bronchospasm and terminating the attack]

Clinical Scenario

A 27yr old women who suffers with asthma presents to the ED with an acute attack of asthma that is not responding to her inhalers. She is very short of breath and is unable to talk in full sentences but is still making good respiratory effort. Your first line of management is so start her on nebulised bronchodilators and you wonder if continuous nebulisers therapy v/s intermittent nebulisers are more effective in improving pulmonary function and reducing hospital admission without increasing side effects.

Search Strategy

MEDLINE 1966 to June 2005 using OVID
[{ASTHMA, EXERCISE-INDUCED/ or exp ASTHMA/ or or or exp Bronchial Spasm/ or hyperactive airway or exp Bronchial Hyperreactivity/} AND {exp "Nebulizers and Vaporizers"/ or}AND {} AND {}Limit to (humans and english language)]

Search Outcome

81 articles were found out of which 9 were relevant

Relevant Paper(s)

Author, date and country Patient group Study type (level of evidence) Outcomes Key results Study Weaknesses
van Schayck CP. Dompeling E. van Herwaarden CL. Folgering H. Akkermans RP. van den Broek PJ. van Wee

0.15mg/kg dex worked as well as 0.3 and 0.6mg/kg in decreasing croup score and need for adrenalineRates of hospital stay, intubation, need for adrenaline, readmission were all similar between groups


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