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Nurse practitioners and minor injuries in Emergency Departments

Three Part Question

In [patients with minor injuries within a UK ED] does [a nurse practitioner or junior doctor] result in [better patient satisfaction]?

Clinical Scenario

Your Directorate Manager wishes to introduce an Emergency Nurse Practitioner service to your ED. A colleague asks if you think patients coming to the ED with minor injuries would be willing to be seen by a nurse rather than a doctor.

Search Strategy

Medline 1966-04 using the OVID interface
[{exp nurse practitioner/ OR nurse practit$.mp. OR exp nurse clinician/ OR nurse clinicia$.mp} AND {exp patient satisfaction/ OR satisf$.mp}]

Search Outcome

213 papers of which 3 were relevant

Relevant Paper(s)

Author, date and country Patient group Study type (level of evidence) Outcomes Key results Study Weaknesses
Byrne et al
163 patients in an A&E, a Minor accident treatment service (MATS) unit and a nurse-led minor injuries unit. Age >16 years, minor injuriesCross sectional surveyPatient satisfaction, waiting times, length of consultations and waiting for services89.3% satisfaction ENP in MATS, 85.7% satisfaction in MIU. 70.7% in A&E by SHO. Significant 0.05 level.Small numbers and compression of groups. Use of MIU in calculations. Long period of 8 months. No randomisation.
Sakr et al
1453 patients age > 16 years with minor injuriesRCTPatient satisfaction, clinical errors, documentation, accuracy of treatment, follow-up96.5% satisfaction ENP. 94.9% satisfaction SHO. No significant differences.All patients seen by 1 or 2 registrars as gold standard, ? bias. 56.5 and 57.8% response rate of questionnaires.
Cooper et al
199 convenience sample, aged > 16 years with specific minor injuries. Comparing ENP to SHO.RCTSatisfaction, returns, quality of documentation etc98.8% satisfaction ENP. 87.7% satisfaction SHO p<0.001Non responders of self-completed questionnaire, ?bias only when ENP and researcher on duty


Difficult to assess satisfaction accurately

Clinical Bottom Line

Patients are just as satisfied, if not more so, with seeing a Nurse Practitioner rather than a junior doctor in an ED. This does not mean that they receive better care and a robust reproducible method of assessing this needs to be devised.


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  2. Sakr M. Angus J. Perrin J. Nixon C. Nicholl J. Wardrope J. Care of minor injuries by emergency nurse practitioners or junior doctors: a randomised controlled trial. Lancet. 354(9187):1321-6, 1999 Oct 16.
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