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What is the current evidence for the use of cycling to improve quality of life in adolescent cancer patients both during and after treatment?

Three Part Question

What is the current evidence for the use of [cycling] to improve [quality of life] in [adolescent cancer patients] both during and after treatment?

Clinical Scenario

A 14 year old girl is admitted to the Macmillan Cancer Centre for a cycle of MAP chemotherapy. She has recently undergone limb salvage surgery for a distal femoral tumour and is now undergoing rehabilitation and struggling with being unable to do activities which she found easy before, this in turn is impacting on her mood and quality of life. You wonder if there is evidence to support the use of cycling to aid return to function and improve quality of life after surgery

Search Strategy

Cochrane, NICE, Embase, Medline and Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro) were searched using the terms: ‘bicycling OR cycling OR exercise bike’, ‘quality of life’, ‘cancer’
Cochrane library: 31 studies, 3 relevant
NICE: 0 studies
Embase: 47 papers, 10 relevant
Medline: 2 papers, 1 relevant
PEDro: 5 papers 1 relevant
Hand Searching: nil new
After duplicates removed 13 papers

LIMIT to English Language

Search Outcome

85 hits, 13 relevant