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Is fanning therapy effective in childhood pyrexias

Three Part Question

IN [Children presenting to A&E with an infection associated pyrexia] IS [fanning therapy plus antipyretics better than antipyretics alone] AT [rapidly reducing the temperature to normal range]

Clinical Scenario

A 3-year-old child attended A&E with high fever for 24 hrs. Examination showed congested throat, runny nose and red tympanic membranes. You make a clinical diagnosis of URTI ? viral. You prescribed antipyretic medicine but a fan was on near by child's bed. So you wonder whether any evidence that fanning will be of additional benefit to antipyretic therapy.

Search Strategy

Medline 1966- 03/2002 using the Ovid interface.
[(exp fever OR fever$.mp)] AND [(exp acetaminophen OR paracetamol$.mp)] AND [(exp fanning OR fanning$.mp)] AND [(exp Ibuprofen OR Ibuprofen$.mp)] AND [(exp analgesics, non-narcotics OR antipyretic$.mp)].LIMIT to Human, English and Children.

Search Outcome

(0) papers found

Clinical Bottom Line

There is no previous work to bring the evidence of fanning to enhance the effect of antipyretics.