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Do coagulation factor concentrates improve haemostasis and survival in dabigatran-associated haemorrhage?

Three Part Question

In [patients with dabigatran-associated haemorrhage] do [coagulation factor concentrates] improve [haemostasis and survival]?

Search Strategy

Medline (1966/01/01 to 2014/11/01) was searched using the Pubmed database.

"Blood Coagulation Factors/therapeutic use"[Mesh] OR "Blood Coagulation Factors/therapy"[Mesh] ) AND (dabigatran OR pradaxa)

Filters: Humans, English

Search Outcome

48 items returned, of which 5 were relevant.

Relevant Paper(s)

Author, date and country Patient group Study type (level of evidence) Outcomes Key results Study Weaknesses
Schulman S et al.
4 patients (ages: 81-85) with daibagtran-associated bleeding (gastrointestinal; pericaridal; subdural; intraxial) treated with aPCC (FEIBA)Case series Resolution of bleeding4/4Limited case series.
Díaz MQ et al.
5 patients (ages: 77-88) with daibagtran-associated gastrointestinal bleeding treated with PCC (Octaplex), one of whom also received Vitamin K. Case seriesResolution of bleeding4/5Limited case series.
Lillo-Le Louët A et. al.
4 patients (ages: 72-86) with dabigatran-associated bleeding, 3 of whom recevied FFP and CFC preparations (PCC (Kaskadil) & rFVIIa; rFVIIa; PCC (Kanokad) & rFVIIa). Of these 3, one patient also received haemodiafiltration. Case series.Resolution of bleeding0/2Limited case series. The contribution of coagulation factor concentrates could only be assessed in 2 of 3 patients, as one patient also received haemodiafiltration.
Survival 0/2
Dumkow LE et al.
85 year-old man with dabigaran-associated gastrointestinal bleeding treated with FFP and PCC (Factor IX complex)Case studyResolution of bleeding1/1Limited case study.
Dager et al.
67 year-old man with dabigatran-associated bleeding secondary to a transseptal perforation during cardiac ablation was treated with aPCC (FEIBA)Case studyResolution of bleeding1/1Limited case study.


Currently, there is no antidote available for dabigatran. The role of several coagulation factor concentrates in reversing dabigatran has been investigated, but the evidence for their efficacy in acute haemorrhage is limited to case series and studies.

Clinical Bottom Line

There is insufficient clinical evidence at present for the efficacy of any coagulation factor concentrate in the treamnent of dabigatran-associated bleeding.


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