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Childhood Cervical Lymphadenopathy - chronicity

Three Part Question

In [children who present to the ED with cervical lymphadenopathy], does the [chronicity of lymphadenopathy] [alter management]?

Clinical Scenario

A 7 year old boy was brought into the ED by his mum who was worried about a lump in his neck which has not disappeared. It was first noticed almost 2 months ago. This is the first time they are seeking medical attention. What investigations should be done?

Search Strategy

Ovid MEDLINE(R) 1948 to June Week 3 2011 and
Embase 1980 to 2011 Week 25 and

[lymphadenopath$.mp. OR exp Lymph/ OR node$.mp.]


[exp Neck/ or OR OR anterior OR posterior OR lymph OR exp Lymph Nodes/]


[exp child/ OR child$.mp. OR exp pediatrics/ OR pediatric$.mp. OR paediatric$.mp. OR perinat$.mp. OR neonat$.mp. OR newborn$.mp. OR infan$.mp. OR bab$.mp. OR toddler$.mp. OR boy$.mp. OR girl$.mp. OR kid$ OR school? OR juvenil$.mp. OR under?age$.mp. OR teen$.mp. OR minor$.mp. OR pubescen$.mp. OR adolescen$.mp. OR infan$.jw. OR child$.jw. OR pediatric$.jw. OR paediatric$.jw. OR adolescen$.jw.]

limit to (english language and humans)

Search Outcome

No papers were forund.


No papers were found to answer this question resulting in a negative BET.

Clinical Bottom Line

Inconclusive due to insufficient evidence.