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Mobilising patients with raised Troponin T results, where a diagnosis of Acute Coronary Syndrome is suspected.

Three Part Question

In [adults with raised Troponin T]
Does [Supervised walking]
Increase [the risk of further cardiac damage]?

Clinical Scenario

A 55 year old male presents on the ward with a history of chest pain in the last 12 hours and, as Acute Coronary Syndrome is suspected, a Troponin T Test is performed. The patient is now pain free and you are asked to help mobilise and walk the patient, but you wonder whether it is safe to do so if the result confirms a raised Troponin T.

Search Strategy

(Troponin T OR Troponin Test OR Trop T OR Troponin) AND (Walking OR Ambulation OR Mobilisation OR Activity OR Exercise) AND (Cardiac Damage OR Ischaemia OR Infarction OR Angina OR Arrthymias)

Medline, CINAHL, AMED, EMBASE, Pubmed, Cochrane and PEDro were all searched using the above search strategy. The search was limited to English papers only, within the adult population. No date limit was applied. The search was performed June 2010

Search Outcome

3 papers were found, none of which addressed the 3 part question.

Clinical Bottom Line

There is no clinical evidence that supervised walking/mobilising will or will not increase the risk of further cardiac damage in patients with a raised Troponin T.