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In adults presenting with acute confusion is Mini mental state exam better than the Abbreviated mental test in Detecting acute confusion?

Three Part Question

In [adults presenting with acute confusion] is [Mini mental state exam better than the Abbreviated mental test] in [Detecting acute confusion]

Clinical Scenario

A 42 year old female presents at the emergency department with signs of apparent acute confusion. You wonder which is the best cognitive function test to diagnose her with delirium.

Search Strategy

MEDLINE 1950 to June week 4 2010, EMBASE 1980 to 2010 week 26 and the COCHRANE LIBRARY.
(exp confusion/OR exp delirium) AND ( OR mini mental state exam .mp.) AND ( OR abbreviated mental limit to human and English language.

Search Outcome

No papers were found in either of the searches.


There was no evidence found to specifically compare these two tests. However there are papers available that explore the efficacy of other cognitive function test that can be used to aid the diagnosis of acute confusion.

Clinical Bottom Line

There is no evidence available to compare the two test. Practice should be based on local guidelines.