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Rheumatology physiotherapy post peripheral joint injection.

Three Part Question

[In] adult rheumatology patient's
[Who] have undergone a peripheral joint injection
[Does] physiotherapy improve pain and function.

Clinical Scenario

An adult rheumatology patient has been admitted to the Planned Investigations Unit for a peripheral joint injection and you wonder if they require any physiotherapy in-put before they are discharged.

Search Strategy

MEDLINE 1966-06/08, CINHAL 1982-06/08, AMED 1985-09/06, EMBASE 1996-06/08. In addition the Cochrane databse and PEDro database were also searched.
(Rheumatology OR Rheumatological OR Rheumato$) AND (Physiotherapy OR Physio OR Physical Therapy) AND (Injection Or "joint injection" or "intra-articular joint injection"). LIMIT to Human AND English Language.

Search Outcome

No relevant literature was found.


There is no current published eveidence that physiotherapy in-put is required post peripheral joint injection.

Clinical Bottom Line

There is no evidence for physiotherapy in-put post peripheral joint injection.