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Is Ultrasound Shockwave Therapy beneficial in treating Plantar Fasciitis?

Three Part Question

[1] is Ultrasound Shockwave Therpapy more beneficial than [2] conservative or medical treatment for [3]Plantar Fasciitis?

Clinical Scenario

A 40 year old female presented with inferior heel pain after jogging. She is otherwise fit and well, and a keen jogger. A similar episode had occured to her few weeks prior to this presentation and it resolved by rest and NSAIDs. A diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis was established.
Which treatment modality is best for this condition in an Accident & Emergency setting:a conservative approach (rest/physiotherapy) with NSAIDs or the use of Ultrasound Shockwave Therapy?

Search Strategy

[Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Pain] and Ultarsound Shockwave Therapy.

Search Outcome

11 papers were identified.
0 papers were relevant to the three part question.


No clinical evidence is available to prove the benefit of using Ultrasound Shockwave Therapy over conservative therapy.

Clinical Bottom Line

More research is required to confirm a possible advantage.