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Role of arthroscopy in adhesive capsulitis

Three Part Question

In [patients with adhesive capsulitis] is [early arthrosopic debridement better than physiotherapy] at [decreasing recovery time]?

Clinical Scenario

A patient presents with a history of a frozen shoulder. Should they be advised that a) as it is a self limiting condition no treatment is required and in approximately 2 years time they will recover b) physiotherapy will help to mobilise the shoulder and improve symptoms, or c) referral to an orthopaedic surgeon and subsequent arthroscopic debridement will give them the best result and quickest resolution of symptoms?

Search Strategy

PubMed on world wide web.
[{arthroscopy}] and [{frozen shoulder}] and [{adhesive capsulitis}]

Search Outcome

74 papers found - 57 discarded due to irrelevance and not being in English