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Is oral acyclovir effective for treatment of primary herpetic infection?

Three Part Question

In [an adult with acute primary oropharyngeal herpetic infection] is [oral acyclovir better than conservative treatment] at reducing pain and length of symptoms]?

Clinical Scenario

A seven year old child presents with primary oropharyngeal infection. The SHO wonders if if oral aciclovir will be of use or if conservative treatment should be prescribed.

Search Strategy

Medline 1966 to June Week 1 2005
Embase 1980 to 2005 Week 24
Cinahl Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature 1982 to June Week 1 2005
The Cochrane Library Issue 2 2005
{Exp PHARYNGITIS/ OR exp LARYNGITIS/ OR exp TONSILLITIS/ OR exp Peritonsillar Abscess/ OR OR OR OR (peritonsillar adj5 abscess).af. OR OR (throat adj5 infection$) OR (sore adj5 throat$) OR exp Infectious Mononucleosis/ OR (infectious adj5 mononucleosis).af. OR (glandular adj5 fever).af.}AND {exp ACYCLOVIR/ OR OR}AND { OR exp Herpes Simplex/ OR} AND {conservative OR conserve$ adj5 treat$}.mp. OR conservative OR (conserve$ adj5 manage$).mp.} limit to humans and English language.

Search Outcome

Medline-no papers found
Embase-1 irrelevant paper found
Cinahl-no papers found
Cochrane-no papers found


No trials have been performed to assess which treatment is better.

Clinical Bottom Line

No evidence exists to answer my question, local policy should be followed.